Download PSP 5.51 Update: How to Update PSP to Firmware Ver 5.51

It’s easy to update/upgrade the Playstation Portable (PSP) 3000 system software to firmware version 5.51. There are two ways to do a PSP 5.51 update – regular file download and network update. We did an update on our pink PSP 3000 using the network update procedure since our place has wifi.

Why did we choose network update in updating our PSP firmware to ver 5.51? It’s much simpler. Here is a quick tutorial on how to carry out PSP 5.51 update using Network Update (Method 1):

  1. Go to Network Settings to configure your PSP WLAN by setting up an access point.
  2. Under Network Settings, it would be best to choose Automatic to simplify the process. Your PSP console will search for any wireless network available nearby.
  3. To Update System Software to the latest 5.51 firmware version, Go to Network Update. Be sure your battery is full because the update will fail if you turn off you PSP console or if the unit shuts down due to lack of battery power.

Method 2: Download File To Update PSP 5.51 Firmware Using a PC. If you prefer to update your console using the download method, here are the simple steps in doing this:

PSP 5.51 Update: Network Update and File Download MethodPSP 5.51 Update: Network Update and File Download Method
  1. Create a folder in your Memory Stick Duo named “PSP“, under this folder, create a sub-folder named “GAME“, under this sub-folder, create another sub-folder named “UPDATE” (Note: all folders name must be CAPITALIZED)
  2. Download the PSP 5.51 update file via this link:
  3. Save the file as “EBOOT.PBP” to your desktop then inside the UPDATE folder mentioned above.
  4. To start the Update process, Go to Game -> Memory Stick and hit the Enter Button (symbolized by the Cycle symbol). Always remember, during the update process, your battery should be full in order to avoid any problems. The udpate process will take about 10 minutes.
  5. Verify that your PSP 5.5.1 update is successful by going to the Settings -> System Settings -> System Information menu. From there you will be shown if your PSP version. If it shows System Software Version 5.51, then your PSP update is successful! However, don’t expect too much from 5.51. We have seen no significant changes except for some “system software stability” issue with previous versions.

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